Ever Stronger Partnerships

February 2018

Jasna Dugalić, our Account Director, gave an interview to CorD Magazine.

There is a lot of talk about „what is the key to successful relationship between agency and client“

Jasna Dugalić, Account Manager at Direct Media, answers questions clients asked most often in 2017.

Agencies are indicators that should point out to their partners the changes that are happening in business and our industry, and at the same time offer the most effective solutions to adapt to new business conditions, for the benefit of each one of over 500 partners.

At the end of the 2017, Direct Media had 16 successful years of cooperation with morw than 500 clients. How did last year look in terms of cooperation with clients, and what did they ask most over the year?

Year after year, our partners are getting stronger, and they are based on honest relationships whose goal is first of all the benefit of our partner. Our interaction with clients is everyday, fast and warm with results an imperative. Some new clients wanted to get to know us better last year, so they asked us what sets us apart from other agencies, and some clients with whom we have been cooperating for a long time were interested in communications and advertising trends in general. Mostly the questions relate to changes in the didgital advertising world, which social networks will survive, how much they can rely on influencer marketing, whether to invest more in digital this year in view of its growth. They also asked us how we recruit new staff, how big our creative team is, whether to invest on socially responsible campaigns.

The whole interview is available on https://cordmagazine.com/markets/sector-in-focus/communications-the-road-to-2018/jasna-dugalic-account-manager-direct-media-ever-stronger-partnerships/